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No-Code CLI User Guide


This is the complete guide to using the command-line interface (CLI) to Planet’s APIs. It’s divided up into a number of sections, so you can jump right into the examples for an API you’re interested in. If you’re new to CLI’s it should provide all the information you need to work more directly with Planet’s API’s.

CLI Guide Overview

  • CLI Introduction provides an introduction to using a CLI and highlights some of the key concepts and tools that work with Planet’s CLI. If you’re already comfortable with CLI tools you can safely skip this section.
  • CLI for Data API explores the planet data commands with extensive examples.
  • CLI for Orders API dives into the planet orders commands with numerous samples to get you started.
  • CLI for Subscriptions API - coming soon!
  • CLI Tips & Tricks highlights a number of interesting geospatial CLI command-line tools and shows you how to use them in conjunction with Planet’s tools.

CLI Set-up

Getting your CLI set up with your Planet account is covered in the Quick Start Guide, so be sure to do that before going into any of the next sections.

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